Editorial| Volume 2, ISSUE 3, P137, March 2003

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Innovations with MCP

Open AccessPublished:March 01, 2003DOI:
      With this issue, we are introducing a new feature and a face-lift for our cover. The addition is the posting of the program and abstracts of the recent Keystone Symposia meeting (Keystone, CO, March 25–30, 2003), “Proteomics: Technologies and Applications,” that was organized by Ruedi Aebersold and Stan Fields. These will be found only on the electronic version ( and are provided solely as a service to our readership, who could not attend the meeting. It was felt by the Editors and Associate Editors that material presented in meetings is usually not generally available, and, although abstracts are certainly not a substitute for the full presentation (or a manuscript containing this material), they do provide at least an indication of the nature of the information covered. However, since this is an experiment, we would like to know the response of our readers as to whether they consider this useful to the community as a whole, and we encourage our readers to e-mail us their reactions at [email protected] If we get a positive response we will consider extending this to other germane meetings on proteomics.
      Our new cover is a “window” design in which we can place a new figure or photo each month derived from text-related material. We think this adds variety and interest as well as provides an opportunity for our authorship to have their work prominently displayed. Each month, the collected authors will be given the opportunity to provide material related to their accepted article, and a selection will be made from these submissions. The choice will be arbitrary and will certainly be driven primarily by artistic considerations. We hope that as with many other journals, including our sister journal The Journal of Biological Chemistry, this will prove to be a popular addition. Your reactions to this change are also welcome.