Table II

Protein identification of 2D gel spots differentially expressed in a comparative screen between Sb(V)-resistant 9518 versus sensitive 9551 L. donovani isolates

Spot no.-Fold changeaAccession no.bProtein name/functionMascot scorecCoverageNo. peptides identified
398+3.56LmjF33.0312 +16 homologuesHeat shock protein 83–16131914
618+3.56 LmjF30.2470 HSP70-related protein 1, mitochondrial precursor, putative261136
LmjF36.6910 Chaperonin containing tcp1, subunit 8, putative9642
1250+2.1 LmjF11.0350 14-3-3 protein, putative281257
2446+4.4LmjF33.0312 + 16 homologuesHeat shock protein 83–15201713
LmjF32.0400 ATP-dependent RNA helicase, putative278116
LmjF28.2770 Heat shock protein HSP70, putative273116
LmjF05.0960 Dipeptidyl-peptidase III, putative8432
584−2.13 LmjF30.2470 HSP70-related protein 1, mitochondrial precursor, putative4671811
LmjF11.0820 Hypothetical protein, unknown function10972
1258−2.94 LmjF14.1160 Enolase172104
LmjF21.1830 20 S proteasome α5 subunit, putative125144
1606−3.67 LmjF14.0850 SKCRP14.1 (small kinetoplastid calpain-related protein)155304
  • a In the resistant isolate 9518 versus the sensitive isolate 9551.

  • b Accession numbers are from the L. major GeneDB ( as of April 27, 2004.

  • c Mascot scores above 33 for individual peptides were considered significant for identity (p < 0.05). Scores significant for homology varied depending on the peptide.