Table II

Summary of proteomics and transcriptomics profile comparison

Yes, the corresponding transcripts were detected with p < 0.05; No, the corresponding transcripts were not detected with p < 0.05. The numbers outside parentheses represent the matched protein number; the numbers inside parentheses represent the corresponding target gene number. ID, identification; N/A, not applicable.

Protein IDMicroarray targetUnique match no.Redundant match no.Total RNAmRNAID no.Group
5381 proteins identified by more than one peptideWith target4610N/AYesYes4180A
N/A560 (262)YesYes536 (250)A
YesNo4 (2)
NoNo20 (10)B
No targetN/AN/AN/AN/A211C
Proteins identified by a single peptideWith target17330YesYes1733D