Table II

Summary of experimental results from small and large scale AIMS scouting experiments

Results were aggregated from both the Embedded Image and Embedded Image SCX fraction amount-injected levels. n/c, not calculated. See Fig. 2 for an illustration of the meaning of “triggered” and “untriggered” targets and peptides.

Experimental setup
    Number of proteins targeted440
    Number of (m/z, z) pairs on list1551,161
        Number of unique peptides102645
        Peptides with potential interferencen/c551
Triggering data
    Number of triggers∼19,000∼86,000
    Targets triggered1551,047
    Peptides triggered102636
    Targets untriggered0114
    Peptides untriggered09
Success rates
    Total target proteins     detected/attempted (cumulative)4/435/40
    At 10 ng/mln/c3
    At 30 ng/mln/c18
    At 60 ng/mln/c25
    At 100 ng/mln/c35
    Other proteins detected20340