Table II

Sample recoveries for tandem IgY12 and SuperMix separations

IgY12 flow-through (μg)c1249142912811443145710.0 ± 0.72
SuperMix bound (μg)d4854214244384143.19 ± 0.21
SuperMix flow-through (μg)d1211281231171220.89 ± 0.03
SuperMix flow-through postdigestion (μg)d68546978500.47 ± 0.08
  • a For each replicate experiment, 225 μl of plasma was used with the total protein quantity of ∼13.7 mg (plasma concentration, ∼61 mg/ml).

  • b All recoveries are expressed as the percentage of recovered proteins or peptides compared with the 13.7 mg of starting materials along with the standard deviations.

  • c The amount of proteins or peptides recovered for each replicate.

  • d Only nine-tenths of the IgY12 flow-through was used for SuperMix separations.