Table V

List of moderately abundant proteins that bound to the SuperMix column with relatively high capture efficiency

The spectral count data from triplicate analyses of the flow-through and bound fraction of SuperMix separations are presented for the listed moderately abundant proteins. LMW, low molecular weight; HMW, high molecular weight.

IPI no.Protein nameGene nameSpectral countsCapture efficiencya
IPI00164623.4Complement C3 C3 72060>99
IPI00418163.3Complement 4B C4B 1274798
IPI00032258.4Complement C4A C4A 1270798
IPI00017601.1Ceruloplasmin CP 0532>99
IPI00022488.1Hemopexin HPX 350999
IPI00019591.1Complement factor B CFB 342599
IPI00218192.1Inter-α-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H4 ITIH4 435299
IPI00032291.1Complement C5 C5 0306>99
IPI00006543.2Complement factor H-related 5 CFHR5 0288>99
IPI00305461.2Inter-α-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H2 ITIH2 1275>99
IPI00515041.2Complement factor H CFH 0260>99
IPI00292530.1Inter-α-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H1 ITIH1 0243>99
IPI00019580.1Plasminogen PLG 0216>99
IPI00215894.1Isoform LMW of kininogen-1 KNG1 319198
IPI00032179.2Antithrombin III variant SERPINC1 0184>99
IPI00032328.1Isoform HMW of kininogen-1 KNG1 217899
IPI00009920.2Complement component C6 C6 0151>99
IPI00298828.3β2-Glycoprotein 1 APOH 0125>99
IPI00022895.7α1B-Glycoprotein A1BG 0123>99
IPI00022418.1Fibronectin FN1 0121>99
IPI00294395.1Complement C8 β chain C8B 0114>99
IPI00291866.5Plasma protease C1 inhibitor SERPING1 211398
IPI00022420.3Plasma retinol-binding protein RBP4 0100>99
IPI00165421.4SERPINC1 protein SERPINC1 098>99
IPI00021885.1Fibrinogen α chain FGA 090>99
IPI00022371.1Histidine-rich glycoprotein HRG 18899
IPI00298497.3Fibrinogen β chain FGB 083>99
IPI00298971.1Vitronectin VTN 18199
IPI00021891.5Fibrinogen γ chain FGG 068>99
IPI00736985.1Similar to ceruloplasmin LOC441368 068>99
IPI00021727.1C4B-binding protein α chain C4BPA 065>99
IPI00296608.6Complement component C7 C7 059>99
IPI00011252.1Complement C8 α chain C8A 059>99
IPI00022391.1Serum amyloid P-component APCS 14998
IPI00011261.1Complement C8 γ chain C8G 048>99
IPI00294004.1Vitamin K-dependent protein S PROS1 036>99
IPI00011264.1Complement factor H-related protein 1 CFHR1 032>99
IPI00006154.1Complement factor H-related protein 2 CFHR2 013>99
IPI00021364.1Properdin CFP 11393
IPI00022392.1Complement C1Q subunit A C1QA 012>99
IPI00022394.2Complement C1Q subunit C C1QC 012>99
IPI00477992.1C1Q subcomponent, B chain C1QB 010>99
IPI00027507.1Complement factor H-related protein 3 CFHR3 07>99
IPI00025862.1C4B-binding protein β chain C4BPB 05>99
IPI00029168.1Apolipoprotein(a) LPA 05>99
  • a The capture efficiency is used to estimate the percentage for a given protein to be captured by the SuperMix column; it was estimated for each protein by dividing the spectral count for each protein from the bound fraction (B) by the sum of spectral counts from the bound fraction and flow-through fraction (FT), i.e. B/(B + FT). The estimated capture efficiency will be less accurate for proteins with only a few spectral counts. Even if 0 count was observed in the flow-through, it does not mean a complete capture by the column; therefore, these proteins are represented as >99%.