Table I

The progress of the Human Protein Atlas

VersionYearNo. of genesNo. of external AbsaNo. of internal AbsTotal no. of AbsNew features
1.02005650443275718Protein profiles for 48 normal tissues (IHC); protein profiles for 20 cancer types (IHC)
2.0200613447597551514Protein profiles for 59 cell lines and cells (IHC)
3.020072600124117743015Subcellular localization in three cell lines (IF)b; validation results (Western blot/protein array); search function (tissues and cancers)
4.020085067225138696120Genecentric structure with all predicted genes; advanced searches (protein classes and cells); visualization of antigen
  • a Abs, antibodies.

  • b Immunofluorescence.