Table III

Protein classes

The number of genes in each protein class is given by “Predicted genes” (as determined by Ensembl version 50.36 (12)). “Tissue profiles” gives the number of genes for each class analyzed by antibodies; “Fraction” shows the percentage of analyzed proteins. “Source” is the source from which the original gene or protein identifiers for each class have been retrieved. TCDB, Transporter Classification Database; DBD, DNA-binding domain.

Protein classPredicted genesTissue profilesFractionSource
Kinases50327354UniProt (4)
Transporters47216234TCDB (30)
Transcription factors149239126DBD (31)
Enzymes249298039ENZYME (32)
G-protein-coupled receptorsa39211930UniProt (4)
Plasma proteins68738456Plasma Proteome Inst. (33)
Candidate markers of cardiovascular disease16610865Plasma Proteome Inst. (34)
Candidate cancer biomarkers106766863Plasma Proteome Inst. (22)
Chromosome 2250417635Ensembl (12)
Chromosome X88432136Ensembl (12)
  • a Excluding olfactory and gustatory receptors.