Table I

TAP-tagged proteins

Except for AmiE, AmiF (lack of stability), and DnaQ (lack of TAP accessibility) all TAP-tagged proteins were purified in reasonable amounts; amounts of tagged proteins were qualitatively assessed from the gels by Coomassie Brilliant Blue staining: −, no visible protein band; +/−, visible protein band; +, high amount of protein; ++, very high amount of protein. All identified interactors are listed in supplemental Table S2. The interactome of UreA/B/G and HypB is additionally illustrated and discussed in Figs. 4–6.

ORF no.NameDescriptionAmount of purified TAP-proteinNo. of identified interactors
HP0068UreGGTPase involved in Ni2+ incorporation into urease++33
HP0072UreBUrease β subunit, catalytically active subunit++17
HP0073UreAUrease α subunit++16
HP0197MetKS-Adenosylmethionine synthase++1
HP0294AmiEAliphatic amidase+/−None
HP0516HslUATP-binding subunit of heat shock protease+2
HP0900HypBGTPase involved in Ni2+ incorporation into hydrogenase++25
HP1079ATP binding; SMC domain+4
HP1387DnaQε subunit of the DNA polymerase IIINone