Table I

Basic descriptive statistics of the datasets analyzed in the present study

A summary of basic statistical properties is reported for the GeneChip and the NSAF datasets analyzed in the present study. In NSAF datasets, zero values were introduced in place of missing values. In GeneChip datasets, absent calls are reported by the microarray scanning software for those transcripts that are considered as not reliably detected. Dynamic ranges were calculated as the base 10 logarithm of the ratio between the 99.95th percentile and the 0.05th percentile after removing the zero values. NA, not applicable; OOM, orders of magnitude.

Descriptive statisticMouse GeneChipYeast NSAFMediator NSAF
Number of rows12,488845295
Number of columns1189
Total number of data points137,3686,7602,655
Zero values (%)0.0229.134.61
Absent calls (%)50.13NANA
Dynamic range of values (OOM)4.683.823.6
Dynamic range of rowMean values (OOM)4.163.693.32
Dynamic range of rowS.D. values (OOM)3.723.343.07