Table IV

Proteolytic and Sonoclot activities of venoms C. scutulatus scutulatus A and B, C. oreganus helleri, and B. colombiensis

VenomsMHDaMHemDbSonoclot ACT, CR, PFcFibrinogenolyticd 2 h/24 h
Crude venomSerine proteinase-free venom
μg μg
C. scutulatus scutulatus Ae162.59.7144, 10, 2.2β/α,β−/β
C. scutulatus scutulatus Be164.8354, 6.2, 2.5α,β/α,βα/α,β
C. oreganus helleri 64.8<26, >51, 1α,β/α,βα/α,β
B. colombiensis 252.4<26, >51, 1α,β/α,βα,β/α,β
  • a The amount of protein that will cause a 10-mm hemorrhagic spot.

  • b Minimal phospholipase A dose: the amount of protein that will cause a 10-mm halo.

  • c ACT, activated clot time (s): time in which clot starts forming; CR, clot rate (clot signals/min); PF, platelet function. Normal control range values are: ACT: 128–213; CR: 15–26; PF: 3–5.

  • d α,β, cleavage of α and β chain; α, cleavage of α chain; −, no cleavage.

  • e C. scutulatus scutulatus A: neurotoxic venom; C. scutulatus scutulatus B: hemorrhagic venom.