Table I

Genes identified as changing in all six oncogenes on analysis of the exon array data

To be included the genes must show change greater than 2-fold in over half of the probe sets.

IDGene descriptionProbe sets changing (total number of exonic probe sets)
Genes up-regulated in all 6 cell lines (greater than 2-fold)
    ENSMUSG00000023367Hepatocellular carcinoma-associated antigen 1125 (8)
    ENSMUSG00000029810LR8 protein8 (10)
    ENSMUSG00000031773cDNA sequence AK22021017 (28)
    ENSMUSG00000026399CD55 antigen7 (10)
    ENSMUSG00000057596Expressed sequence AI4516174 (6)
Genes down-regulated in all 6 cell lines (greater than 2-fold)
    ENSMUSG00000018924Arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase14 (15)
    ENSMUSG00000034652CD300A antigen11 (11)
    ENSMUSG00000019122Chemokine (CC motif) ligand 98 (9)
    ENSMUSG00000030483Cytochrome P450 2b136 (10)
    ENSMUSG00000032089Interleukin 10 receptor, α13 (11)a
    ENSMUSG00000029446Phosphoserine phosphatase7 (9)
    ENSMUSG00000021108Protein kinase C, η16 (17)
    ENSMUSG00000027073Proteoglycan 25 (7)
    ENSMUSG00000054366RIKEN cDNA A330102H225 (10)
    ENSMUSG00000040302RIKEN cDNA C030048B086 (10)
    ENSMUSG00000010342 TEX14 21 (37)
    ENSMUSG00000040828 TMEM146 10 (13)
  • a Denotes where probe sets associated with this gene locus but not mapped to an exon were also changed by >2-fold.