Table I

Phosphorylation sites in the C-terminal tail of PIP aquaporins

The first and second columns describe the name of the aquaporin and the peptide sequence, respectively. The third column (n_ph) refers to the number of phosphorylation sites present in the peptide. pS, phosphorylated serine; pT, phosphorylated threonine.

AtPIP2;1/2;2/2;3277SLGpSFR282125, 31a
AtPIP2;1/2;2/2;3277SLGpSFRSAANV2871Present work
AtPIP2;1/2;2/2;3277SLGpSFRpSAANV287225, 26, and present work
AtPIP2;4277ALGpSFGSFGSFRSFA2911Present work
AtPIP2;4277ALGpSFGpSFGSFRSFA2912Present work
AtPIP2;4277ALGpSFGpSFGpSFRsFA2913Present work
AtPIP2;4277ALGpSFGpSFGSFRpSFA2913Present work
AtPIP2;6282pSQLHELHA2891 25
AtPIP2;7270ALGpSFRSNATN2801Present work
AtPIP2;7270ALGpSFRpSNATN280226, 34,b and present work
AtPIP2;7270ALGpSFRpSNApTN2803Present work
SoPIP2;1271ALGpSFRSNPTN2811 22
SoPIP2;1271ALGpSFRpSNPTN2812 22
  • a One phosphorylation site was detected but not identified.

  • b Two phosphorylation sites were detected, but only Ser273 was identified as phosphorylated.