Table II Cell processes associated to selected proteins identified in RPE blebs by GeneGO MetaCore pathway analysis

MCH, major histocompatibility complex; BCR, B cell receptor; NK, natural killer; ICOS, inducible co-stimulator; ICOSL, ICOS ligand; NFAT, nuclear factor of activated T cells

MapCell processp valueObjectsa
Endothelial cell contacts by non-junctional mechanismsCell adhesion9.98e−0610, 70
Integrin-mediated cell adhesionCell adhesion6.20e−0512, 122
Antigen presentation by MHC class IImmune response1.41e−049, 77
Tetraspanins in integrin-mediated cell adhesionCell adhesion4.20e−0410, 108
Integrin inside-out signalingCell adhesion1.29e−028, 122
Endothelial cell contacts by junctional mechanismsCell adhesion3.23e−013, 78
CCR3 signaling in eosinophilsImmune response3.97e−015, 161
CCR4-induced leukocyte adhesionCell adhesion, immune response4.84e−012, 63
Function MEF2 in T lymphocytesImmune response7.92e−012, 113
Leukocyte chemotaxisCell adhesion, immune response7.94e−013, 163
BCR pathwayImmune response8.39e−012, 126
CD16 signaling in NK cellsImmune response9.30e−012, 166
ICOS-ICOSL pathway in T- helper cellImmune response9.36e−011, 105
NFAT in immune responseImmune response9.38e−011, 106
Role of integrins in NK cells cytotoxicityImmune response9.44e−011, 110
CD28 signalingImmune response9.45e−011, 111
  • a The first number represents positive links to other nodes in the pathway network. The second number refers to negative links.