Table I

A. caninum protein identifications in protein OGE

Ancylostoma accession numberMowse scoreCoverageUnique peptidesSig.aFull lengthbpI deltacGlyc. sitesdNumber of wellsTop BLASTX hit (bit score >30)
Metalloprotease inhibitors
    gi|223473615485212YYes0.419Putative tissue metalloprotease inhibitor Aca14 (A. caninum)
    gi|158017850188296YYes(0.4)12Tissue inhibitor of metalloprotease (A. duodenale)
    gi|157991648305184FNo12Lysozyme protein 8 (C. elegans)
    gi|85672997143152FNo12Lysozyme protein 8 (C. elegans)
Ancylostoma-secreted proteins
    gi|15028472229297NYes(0.7)4Platelet inhibitor (A. caninum)
    gi|440279115224YYes(0.2)73Neutrophil-inhibitory factor (A. caninum)
    gi|2912485010542YYes(0.0)14Secreted protein 3 precursor (A. caninum)
    gi|15801831686132FNo31Neutrophil-inhibitory factor (A. caninum)
    gi|1580092205371YNo1Secreted protein 5 precursor (A. caninum)
    gi|15800915943124FNo21Secreted protein 6 precursor (A. caninum)
    gi|218080863951YNo1Ancylostoma-secreted protein 1 precursor (A. duodenale)
ES proteins of unknown function
    gi|85672966192204YYes(0.2)5Excretory/secretory protein 1 (Ancylostoma ceylanicum)
    gi|85672867162234YYes3.015Excretory/secretory protein 1 (A. ceylanicum)
    gi|553826646061NNo1Excretory/secretory protein 1 (A. ceylanicum)
    gi|553850275531NNo2Excretory-secretory protein 2 (A. ceylanicum)
Transthyretin-like proteins
    gi|1692488791141NYes0.11Transthyretin-like protein T07C4.5 precursor (C. elegans)
    gi|15801181288492FNo2Transthyretin-like protein T07C12.7 precursor (C. elegans)
    gi|8567296074102FNo2Transthyretin-like protein T07C12.7 precursor (C. elegans)
    gi|15800795577223FNo2C-type lectin family member (clec-63) (C. elegans)
    gi|856728517271FNo2Vitellogenin structural genes protein 4 (C. elegans)
    gi|15618539448292NNo2Malate dehydrogenase (Aedes aegypti)
    gi|15799138448303NPossible21Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase 2 (C. elegans)
    gi|592247114341NNo11Adenosine monophosphate deaminase, putative (B. malayi)
Unknown function
    gi|5962871714852NUnknown2No homologous protein
    gi|158006265145232NUnknown12No homologous protein
    gi|1561843187651NNo33Hypothetical protein F46E10.10a (C. elegans)
    gi|1561827156991NUnknown1No homologous protein
    gi|758448468203NNo1Hypothetical protein CBG13822 (C. briggsae)
  • a The presence of a signal sequence in the identified database sequence is denoted with Y, F denotes that the proteins belongs to a family of proteins containing a signal sequence, and N denotes no signal sequence.

  • b Full length or partial sequence is denoted by yes or no; unknown refers to the situation in which no signal sequence or homologous protein was present, but the sequence contained a poly-A tail and enough sequence to provide the possibility of a full length sequence.

  • c The difference between the theoretical pI of the protein derived from the identified database sequence and the apparent pI indicated by the well in which the identification was made. The well used in the calculation was the well containing the highest scoring Mowse score for the protein. Numbers in parentheses are negative. The difference between the theoretical pI and apparent pI of identified sequences that were not matched to a full-length nucleotide sequence was not calculated, and these are denoted with a dash (—).

  • d Glycosylation sites.