Table III

Proteins identified in MS-BLAST of unidentified spectra from the peptide OGE

HSPs, high scoring segment pairs; cds, coding sequence.

Accession numberScoreNumber of HSPsSpeciesDescription
gi|29124857 85710 A. caninum Secreted protein 6 precursor
gi|15028473 60411 A. caninum Platelet inhibitor
gi|29124851 53011 A. caninum Secreted protein 3 precursor
gi|71990714 4249 C. elegans JC8.8, similar to transthyretin-like protein T07C12.7 precursor
gi|440279 4008 A. caninum Neutrophil-inhibitory factor (NIF) mRNA, complete cds
gi|984960 3548 A. caninum Cathepsin B proteinase
gi|20199089 3518 A. caninum Similar to translation elongation factor 1-α
gi|66506786 3277 Apis mellifera Predicted: similar to cytosolic malate dehydrogenase
gi|39587504 2966 C. briggsae Hypothetical protein CBG01578 similar to vitellogenin structural genes (vit-6)
gi|45360623 2856 Xenopus tropicalis Peptidylprolyl isomerase D (cyclophilin D)
gi|73995248 2425 Canis lupus familiaris Predicted: similar to IQ motif-containing D
gi|74005549 2395 C. lupus familiaris Predicted: similar to aspartyl aminopeptidase isoform 3
gi|126333582 2215 M. domestica Predicted: hypothetical protein
gi|47717441 2194 A. caninum Glutathione S-transferase
gi|22532420 2084 A. caninum Fatty acid- and retinol-binding protein 2 (far-2) mRNA, complete cds