Table I

Exemplified data when comparing high LET IR cells with low LET IR cells

Here data from one of the four analyses comparing high LET IR with low LET IR are presented. The pathways are sorted according to their difference in score, i.e. ΔS between the two different radiation qualities. Thus, activation of a certain pathway is presented as a positive delta score for the corresponding pathway, and by analogy, deactivation of a specific pathway is given as a negative delta score. In this data set, 3σ corresponds to a ΔS of 4,656, meaning that every pathway with a ΔS larger than 4,656 or smaller than −4,656 is characterized as an outlier. The top three ranked (de)activated pathways are in bold. When the name of the pathway is reported this was the only pathway given the corresponding delta score. When the delta score approaches zero, as indicated, several different pathways can share the same delta score. The complete tables containing also the name of all these different pathways and all analyses are provided in supplemental Tables S1–S12. EGF, epidermal growth factor; LAT, linker for activation of T cells; PKC, protein kinase C; PRL, prolactin; MITF, microphthalmia transcription factor; ERK, extracellular signal-regulated kinase; TGF, transforming growth factor.

Activated pathways
    JNK pathwaya 24,897
    Fas pathway 2,929
    EGF pathway 2,625
    JNK1 → MKK41,302
    IL-8 pathway175
    Neurotensin pathway151
    Caspase network127
    LAT → PKCβ86
    Two different pathways77
    Three different pathways36
    Two different pathways27
    Wnt pathway25
    Seven different pathways5
Deactivated pathways
    p38 pathway −3,561
    RANKL pathway −1,897
    Epo pathway −1,713
    PRL pathway−633
    BMP2 → p38α−519
    TAK1 → ATF-2−287
    EGF → PAK1−185
    Apo2L pathway−159
    RANKL → MITF−130
    Epo → ERK1−88
    TGFβ pathway−74
    ZAP-70 → c-Jun−50
    Two different pathways−40
    Five different pathways−33
    Three different pathways−25
    25 different pathways−14
    197 different pathways−4
  • a The outlier.