Table II

The list of identified protein markers that are differentially expressed between normal crypt and ApcMin+/− adenomas

Protein nameSwiss-Prot accession no.Observed molecular massNo. of peptides identified (sequence coverage)Higher expressionFunctions
SPINK3P090366,1202 (38%)Normal cryptExhibits anti-trypsin activity
CRIPP632548,4186 (56%)Normal cryptIntracellular zinc transport
CALM1P6220416,7924 (24%)Normal cryptRegulation of enzymes activities by Ca2+
S100A8P2700510,1653 (70%, mouse); 5 (51%, human)AdenomaRegulates immune reactions
LGALS2Q9CQW514,7915 (42%)AdenomaBinds β-galactoside
MIFP3488412,372Ref. 27AdenomaRegulates macrophages