Table I

Amino acid sequences of the peptides used for the preparation of antibodies used in this study

Antibody againstAccessionaLocbAmino acid sequencecRegiond
Adenylate kinase 2P29410IMSTVKQAEMLDDLMDKRKEKLDC104–123
Adenine nucleotide translocaseQ09073IMVQHASKQISAEKQYKGIIDC38–57
Apoptosis-inducing factorQ9JM53IMSNRMPIARKIIKDGEQHEDLC582–600
3-Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA synthase 2P22791MNQREQFYHKVNFSPPGDTSNC465–484
Ornithine carbamoyltransferaseP00481MKGYEPDPNIVKLAEQYAKENC221–240
Sulfite oxidaseQ07116IMSSEESYSHWQRRDYKGFSPSVC389–408
Voltage-dependent anion channelQ9Z2L0OMFQLHTNVNDGTEFGGSIYQKVC178–198
  • a Accession number used in UniProt.

  • b Location of the protein in mitochondria is shown by the following abbreviations: IM, inner membrane; IMS, intermembrane space; M, matrix; and OM, outer membrane.

  • c Except for adenine nucleotide translocase, C-terminal cysteine residues were artificially introduced to enable conjugation with maleimide-activated hemocyanin.

  • d Regions of individual peptides in the entire proteins are shown.