Table I Essential proteins that interact with glycolytic enzymes

The table lists all those proteins encoded by essential genes that were abundant in the SPINE analysis (≥10 identified peptides). The first column gives the name of the interacting proteins, and the second column gives the glycolytic enzymes with which these proteins eluted.

ProteinBait enzymeFunction
Basic carbon metabolism (glycolysis, pentose phosphate pathway)
    PFKPFK, PGMPhosphofructokinase
    TPITPITriose-phosphate isomerase
    GAPDHPFK, GAPDH, PGKGlyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
    PGKTPI, PGKPhosphoglycerate kinase
    PGMPGMPhosphoglycerate mutase
    ENOPGK, ENOEnolase
    FusAPFKElongation factor G
    RplEPGKRibosomal protein L5
    RpsBPGKRibosomal protein S2
    TsfPFK, ENOElongation factor Ts
    GltXPFKGlutamate-tRNA synthetase
    RpoBENORNA polymerase, β subunit
Lipid biosynthesis
    PlsXPGKAcyl carrier protein:phosphate acyltransferase
Other functions
    YmdA (Rny)PGKRNA processing factor, previously unknown
    YurUPFKInvolved in the synthesis of Fe-S clusters