Table III p values of GO categories in NDSM (SUMO-2 substrates containing NDSM) using the indicated groups as background
GO termGO term IDClassicalaNon-NDSMbGenome
ATPase activityGO:00168870.0020.00040.001
DNA metabolic processGO:00062590.0130.0160.002
Helicase activityGO:00043860.0060.0010.005
Purine nucleotide bindingGO:00170760.0090.00016.28e−05
RNA bindingGO:00037230.7870.8760.001
RNA processingGO:00063960.50.2280.0002
  • a SUMO-2 substrates containing the consensus tetrapeptide alone.

  • b SUMO-2 substrates lacking NDSM.