Table I Selected set of significant gene ontology categories for both zygotic and maternal proteins that were functionally annotated by biological process using DAVID (Database for Annotation, Visualization, and Integrated Discovery)
CategoryaEASE scoreb
    RNA splicing3.20e–15
    mRNA processing5.00e–15
    Organelle organization and biogenesis9.90e–14
    Cellular component assembly4.60e–11
    Establishment of cellular localization2.60e–10
    Intracellular transport3.10e–10
    Cell differentiation4.30e–08
    Translational initiation2.40e–05
    Protein-RNA complex assembly2.90e–05
    Regulation of translation6.60e–05
    Eggshell formation8.90e–05
  • a Biological process category.

  • b EASE score, a modified Fisher exact p value for protein enrichment analysis.