Table III Biological networks in which the 80 differentially expressed proteins participate
GeneGo map−logp valueFeatures (Swiss-Prot ID)
1. Cytoskeleton remodeling, keratin filaments19.364EPIPL, EVPL, PEPL, K2C4, K2C6A, K2C6E, K1C13, K1C14, K1C15, K1C16, K1C17, K1C19
2. Immune response, IFN-α/β signaling pathway5.695STAT1, UCRP/ISG15, PML
3. Cell adhesion, endothelial cell contacts by non-junctional mechanisms5.265FINC, ITA6, ITB4, ACTN1
4. Immune response, antiviral actions of interferons4.151SYWC, STAT1, MX1, 2DRA, HB2G, HLAG
5. Blood coagulation, GPIb-IV-V-dependent platelet activation3.286FLNA, FLNB, ACTN1, COCA1, FIBA, FIBB
6. Cell adhesion, role of tetraspanins in the integrin-mediated cell adhesion3.087FINC, COCA1, ACTN1