Table II Newly synthesized proteins assigned to Gene Ontology

Identified proteins were assigned to Gene Ontology categories of biological processes and cellular localization by GoMiner as described under “Experimental Procedures.”

DescriptionNumber of newly synthesized proteinsRelative ratioa
Cell cycle111.2
Signal transduction160.7
Response to stress120.8
Electron transport270.7
DNA metabolic process170.6
RNA metabolic process721.0
Protein metabolic process1152.3
Protein catabolic process12.0
Protein modification process20.2
Lipid metabolic process261.0
Secondary metabolic process102.0
Generation of precursor metabolites and energy440.9
Ribosome biogenesis and assembly51.4
Membrane organization and biogenesis22.5
Cell wall organization and biogenesis50.7
Cytoplasm cytosol1382.5
Periplasmic space270.9
Cell wall20.1
Outer membrane191.1
  • a Relative ratio of the GO annotations per category in the protein data set over those in the proteome. A ratio > 1 indicates a relative over-representation of the category in the data set compared with the proteome; a ratio < 1 indicates a relative under-representation.