Table I Proteins identified on the surface of GBS COH1 strain

The surface proteome of GBS COH1 strain is shown. Proteins are grouped according to their predicted subcellular localization. For each protein the following information is reported: NCBI gene ID, protein annotation and total number of identified peptides generated by either single or double digestion. See supplemental Tables 1S and 2S and supplemental material for details. ABC, ATP-binding cassette; RND, resistance-nodulation-cell division; MFP, membrane fusion proteins; CAMP, Christie, Atkins Munch-Peterson.

Gene IDAnnotationSingle digestionDouble digestionTotal no. of identified peptides
Cell wall-anchoredproteins
    SAN_0509Reticulocyte-binding protein2
    SAN_0698Cell wall surface anchor family protein1
    SAN_1174Fibrinogen-binding protein1
    SAN_1369C5a peptidase precursor6
    SAN_1485Cell wall surface anchor family protein26
    SAN_1518Cell wall surface anchor family protein, putative1
    SAN_1577Cell wall surface anchor family protein1
    SAN_1578Amidase family protein1
    SAN_2207Pathogenicity protein, putative25
Membrane proteins
    SAN_0172Conserved hypothetical protein3
    SAN_0480Serine protease (HtrA)2
    SAN_0785Conserved hypothetical protein5
    SAN_1035Amino acid ABC transporter, binding protein1
    SAN_1460Efflux transporter, RND family, MFP subunit subfamily2
    SAN_1470Conserved hypothetical protein3
    SAN_1666Conserved hypothetical protein1
    SAN_0273Protein of unknown function/lipoprotein, putative2
    SAN_0710Lipoprotein, putative2
    SAN_0850Protein of unknown function/lipoprotein, putative6
    SAN_1534Lipoprotein, putative6
    SAN_1636Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase, cyclophilin-type2
    SAN_18985-Nucleotidase, lipoprotein e(P4) family1
    SAN_2137Lipoprotein, putative1
    SAN_2224Protein of unknown function/lipoprotein, putative2
Extracellular proteins
    SAN_0024PcsB protein4
    SAN_0118N-Acetylmuramoyl-l-alanine amidase, family 4 protein3
    SAN_0317ABC transporter, substrate-binding protein18
    SAN_0872YaeC family protein4
    SAN_0970DNA entry nuclease1
    SAN_1132Iron compound ABC transporter, binding protein2
    SAN_1449Choline-binding protein D14
    SAN_1808N-Acetylmuramoyl-l-alanine amidase, family 49
    SAN_2140CAMP factor (CAMP-2)1
Cytoplasmic proteins
    SAN_0083Ribosomal protein L2 (RplB)5
    SAN_0575Cell division protein DivIVA2
    SAN_0854Translation elongation factor Tu (Tuf)3
    SAN_1319Adherence and virulence protein A1
    SAN_1390Ribosomal protein L101
Proteins with unpredictable subcellular localization
    SAN_1012Protein of unknown function/lipoprotein, putative1
    SAN_1360Protein of unknown function1
    SAN_2424Protein of unknown function4