Table II Existing protective antigens for GBS

The list shows reported Group B Streptococcus protective antigens. The presence or not on the COH1 genome and its identification on the surface proteome is reported for each antigen.

Protein annotation (gene locusa)Predicted protein localizationbPresence of the gene in COH1 genomePresence of the protein in COH1 surface proteome
C5a peptidase (SAN_1369) (17, 18)Cell wallYesYes
SIP (SAN_0040) (19, 20)ExtracellularYesYes
LrrG (SAN_0509) (21)Cell wallYesYes
PI-1 subunits (SAN_0698; SAN_0702) (5, 25, 26)Cell wallYesYes (SAN_0698)
PI-2a subunits (5, 25, 26)Cell wallNoNo
PI-2b subunits (SAN_1518; SAN_1519) (5, 25, 26)Cell wallYesYes (SAN_1518)
Rib proteinc (22–24)Cell wallYesNo
  • aGene locus names according to NCBI and The Institute for Genomic Research.

  • btProtein localization as predicted by PSORTb v2.0.

  • ctThe COH1 genome is an unfinished sequence in “assembly” phase: 10 sequences are annotated as Rib proteins or surface protein Rib (SAN_0524, SAN_0528, SAN_2343, SAN_2398, SAN_2418, SAN_2435, SAN_2436, SAN_2437, SAN_2438, and SAN_2439). No peptide was identified from any of these sequences.