Table I Proteins differentially quantified in DRMs extracted from either control or elicited cells

Among the 10% of proteins exhibiting the highest or the lowest cryptogein/control intensity ratios, those indicated in this table behaved similarly in the two experiments. Sp., plant species abbreviated as follows: N.t., N. tabacum; A.t., A. thaliana. Acc. no., accession number in GenBankTM database. CV, coefficient of variation among the treated/control ratios of peptides identifying a single protein.

Acc. no.Sp.Protein nameNumber of UnigenesSample ASample B
Global ratioNumber of peptidesCVGlobal ratioNumber of peptidesCV
Vesicular trafficking
    GI:3023189N.t.14-3-3 C11.4355.12.1543.4