Table III Tissue locations for secretion and bioactivities of nearest related non-venom proteins for novel toxin types discovered in this study
ToxinTissue type for normal secretionBioactivity of ancestral protein
CelestoxinNo matchUnknown
Cholecystoxin (cholecystokinin)Expressed in brain, lung, testis, and throughout the length of the small intestine; in the brain, expressed predominantly in the optic tectum and brain stemMyriad including induction of gastric secretion, stimulation of pancreatic secretion, increase of blood circulation and water secretion in the stomach and intestine, and stimulation of smooth muscle contraction
Epididymal secretory proteinEpididymisUnknown
Goannatyrotoxin (YY peptide)IntestineInhibits exocrine pancreatic secretion, has a vasoconstrictory action, and inhibits jejunal and colonic mobility
RibonucleaseExpressed predominantly in the pancreasPyrimidine-specific C-preferring nuclease