Table II Terms for GO molecular function and Pfam domains for the AcK experiment (14) with highest incidence

The number of terms present in the data set represents the total number of proteins with that GO term or at least one of the indicated domains. There are 1,662 unique proteins in the data set.

GO: MFNo. proteinsPfam domainNo. proteins
Protein binding664None56
RNA binding62WD4038
DNA binding52Pkinase37
ATP binding50Helicase_C37
Protein homodimerization activity44PHD28
Molecular function44DEAD26
Transcription factor activity41AAA20
Identical protein binding40SH3_120
Structural constituent of ribosome39PH19
Transcription coactivator activity31Bromodomain17
ATPase activity29zf-C2H215
Transcription factor binding27TPR_115
Unfolded protein binding26CH15
Protein N terminus binding23efhand15
Protein C terminus binding23SH214
Zinc ion binding22SAP13
Transcription activator activity20Histone13
Calcium ion binding19Myb_DNA-binding11
Enzyme binding18UQ_con11
Transcription corepressor activity18HEAT11
GTPase activity17Ank11
Protein heterodimerization activity16zf-C3HC410
Ubiquitin-protein ligase activity16PCI10
Actin binding16Filament10
Translation initiation factor activity16Cpn60_TCP110
Single-stranded DNA binding16PWWP9
Protein-serine/threonine kinase activity15Mito_carr9