Table I Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study
Strain or plasmidCharacteristicsSource or referencea
Escherichia coli
    JM109recA1 supE44 endA1 hsdR17 gyrA96 relA1 thi17
Δ(lac-proAB) F'(traD36 proAB+ lacIq lacZΔM15)
    MG1655F λ ilvG rfb-50 rph-118
    MC4100Δ(lacIPOZYA)X74, galU, galK, strA-R, Δ(ara-leu)Laboratory stock
    MC1061araD139 Δ(ara-leu)-767 Δ(lacIPOZY)X74 rpsL17
    galU galK
    popH118F araD139 Δ(argF-lac)-U169 rpsL150 relA119
    flbB5301 ΔμαλA510φ (malQ-lacZ)hyb110
    deoC ptsF25 rbsR Δhns-118
    MG1655yciEMG1655 ΔyciE::Km
    MG1655yciFMG1655 ΔyciF::Km
    MG1655hnsMG1655 Δhns-118
    MG1655yciEhnsMG1655 ΔyciE ::Km Δhns-118
    MG1655yciFhnsMG1655 ΔyciF ::Km Δhns-118
    MC4100yciEMC4100 ΔyciE::Km
    MC1061hnsMC1061 Δhns-118
    MC4100rpoSMC4100 ΔrpoS ::Km
    MC4100 yciE-lacZMC4100 yciE-lacZY
    MC4100mcbR yciE-lacZMC4100ΔyncC yciE-lacZ
    MC4100rpoS yciE-lacZMC4100 ΔrpoS yciE-lacZY
    MC4100hns yciE-lacZMC4100 yciE-lacZY Δhns-118
    MC4100rpoShns yciE-lacZMC4100ΔrpoS yciE-lacZ Δhns-118
    MC4100mcbRhns yciE-lacZMC4100ΔyncC yciE-lacZ Δhns-118
Salmonella serovar Typhimurium
    ATCC-F12ATCC14028 yncC::Tn5B21-F127, 21
    ATCC-F1ATCC14028 yciF::Tn5B21-F17, 21
    ATCC katN-lacZATCC14028 katN::Tn5B21-G577, 21
    ATCCrpoSATCC14028 ΔrpoS::Cm22
    ATCCyncCATCC14028 ΔyncC::Cm
    ATCCΔyciATCC14028 ΔyciGFEkatN::Cm
    ATCChnsATCC14028 Δhns:: Cm
    ATCCyncC katN-lacZATCC14028 ΔyncC::Cm katN::Tn5B21-G57
    ATCCrpoS katN-lacZATCC14028 ΔrpoS::Cm katN::Tn5B21-G5721
    ATCChns katN-lacZATCC14028 Δhns::Cm katN::Tn5B21-G57
    ATCChnsrpoS katN-lacZATCC14028 ΔrpoS Δhns::Cm katN::Tn5B21-G57
    ATCChnsyncC katN-lacZATCC14028 ΔyncC Δhns::Cm katN::Tn5B21-G57
    ATCC2922KATCC14028 ΔSTM2922::Km21
    ATCC2922KrpoSATCC2922K ΔrpoS::Cm21
    ATCC2922KhnsATCC2922K Δhns::Cm
    ATCCrpoSLT2ATCC2922K rpoSLT221
    ATCCrpoSLT2hnsATCC2922K rpoSLT2 Δhns::Cm
    ATCC2922K katN-lacZATCC2922K katN::Tn5B21-G5721
    ATCC2922KrpoS katN-lacZATCC2922KΔrpoS ::Cm katN::Tn5B21-G5721
    ATCC2922Khns katN-lacZATCC2922KΔhns::Cm katN::Tn5B21-G57
    ATCC2922KyncC katN-lacZATCC2922KΔyncC::Cm katN::Tn5B21-G57
    ATCCrpoSLT2 katN-lacZATCC2922K rpoSLT2 katN::Tn5B21-G5721
    ATCCrpoSLT2hns katN-lacZATCC2922KrpoSLT2 Δhns::Cm katN::Tn5B21-G57
    ATCCrpoSLT2yncC katN-lacZATCC2922KrpoSLT2 ΔyncC::Cm katN::Tn5B21-G57
    ATCCrpoSLT2hnsyncC katN-lacZATCC2922KrpoSLT2 ΔyncC Δhns::Cm katN::Tn5B21-G57
    pACYC184Cloning vector, CmR, TetR23
    pACKpACYC184::Km, CmR, KmR
    pACKyncCpACK with the promoterless yncC gene cloned into the cat gene (yncC is transcribed from the cat promoter), KmR
    pUC4KSource of Km resistance cartridgePharmacia
    pQE30Vector for expression of His-tagged proteins, CbRQiagen
    pyncCHISpQE30::yncC expresses a His6-YncC protein, CbR
    pmcbRHISpCA24N PT5-lac::yncC, CmR, lacIq24
    pCABgpmcbRHIS deleted from the BglI fragment carrying yncC
    pJCD01Cloning vector for promoter fragments upstream of the rrnB T1 terminator25
    pJCDkatNpJCD01 containing the yciGSTM promoter21
    pJCDyciGpJCD01 containing the yciGECO promoter
  • a This study, unless otherwise noted.

  • b American Type Culture Collection.