Table IV Differential metabolites associated with glycometabolism derived from OPLS-DA mode of GC-TOF MS analysis with t test
No.Retention (min)Metabolitea-Fold changeb,cpcVIPd
15.22Pyruvic acid1.200.12
25.37Lactic acid1.142.01 × 10−31.13
37.47Glyceraldehyde2.213.22 × 10−31.12
49.54Fumaric acid0.860.03
515.55Isocitric acid1.401.64 × 10−51.13
616.25d-Fructose1.931.69 × 10−41.37
  • a Metabolites were identified by comparing the exact mass and retention time of our reference metabolites in our laboratory.

  • b -Fold change with a value >1 indicates a relatively higher concentration present in GCC patients, whereas a value <1means a relatively lower concentration as compared with the healthy controls.

  • c -Fold change and p value were calculated from a non-parametric t test.

  • d Variable importance in the projection was obtained from OPLS-DA with a threshold of 1.0.