Table II Embedding of putative specific interaction partners within contaminants at low SILAC M/L ratios

A selection of protein groups from the Pol2C data set with low SILAC M/L ratios (<5) are listed with their PFL frequencies and ranked by M/L ratio from highest to lowest. Protein groups with a PFL value below the threshold (40%) and belonging to the R2TP/prefoldin-like complex are bold.

Gene namesAccession numbersNormalized SILAC M/L ratioPFL frequency value
UXTIPI00170862.1, IPI00002646.1, IPI00553080.13.8516
ACTN4IPI00013808.1, IPI00908458.1, IPI00845465.1, IPI00908776.1, IPI00793285.1, IPI00903019.1, IPI00018829.2, IPI00217047.4, IPI00217048.1, IPI00217044.13.4352
RUVBL2IPI00009104.7, IPI00909925.12.7026
HIST2H2ABIPI00216730.3, IPI00829588.11.7781
VIMIPI00418471.6, IPI00552689.1, IPI00465084.6, IPI00793184.1, IPI00013164.4, IPI00910602.1, IPI00021751.5, IPI00217507.5, IPI00869219.1, IPI00853115.1, IPI00908745.1, IPI00237671.9, IPI00868727.1, IPI00166205.2, IPI00477227.3, IPI00001453.2, IPI00853283.1, IPI00744385.2, IPI00909238.11.6297
RUVBL1IPI00021187.4, IPI00788942.1, IPI00902501.1, IPI00796459.11.6129
FLNCIPI00178352.5, IPI00413958.4, IPI00455021.31.4477