Table I Identities and biological roles of ligand cues used to create data compendium

LSECs, Liver sinusoid endothelial cells.

NameConcentrationSecreted byBiological effects
TNFα10 ng/mlMacrophages, T and B cells, monocytes, NK cellsProinflammatory, immune response, acute phase response
IL6100 ng/mlAntigen-presenting cells, Th2 cells, macrophages, Kupffer cells, LSECsProinflammatory, B cell maturation, T lymphocyte activation, acute phase response, insulin resistance
IL1α100 ng/mlMacrophages, antigen-presenting cells, T and B cells, monocytesProinflammatory, immune response, acute phase response, T cell and macrophage activation
IGF-110 ng/mlProduced in liverInsulin pathway
TGFα2000 units/mlMany cell typesMajor autocrine and paracrine regulator in liver regeneration
IFNγ100 ng/mlNK cellsProinflammatory, stimulates Th1 cells, activates macrophages, inhibits Th2 cell differentiation
LPS100 ng/mlPrototypical endotoxin, major component of Gram-negative bacteriaInnate immunity via TLR activation