Table II Identities and probable roles of hepatocyte signature set cytokines secreted in NF-κB-dependent manner by hepatocytes but not HepG2 cells

DCs, dendritic cells; RANTES, regulated on activation normal T cell expressed and secreted.

NameReceptorReleased byTarget cellsLiver function
MCP1/ CCL2CCR2Many cell typesMonocytes, immature DCsMonocyte and lymphocyte chemotaxis
MIP1α/CCL3CCR1/CCR5Kupffer/dendritic cells, otherMonocytes, immature DCs, Th1 cells, neutrophilsInnate immunity
MIP1β/CCL4CCR5Kupffer/dendritic cells, otherMacrophage, neutrophilsInnate immunity
RANTES/CCL5CCR1/CCR5Kupffer/dendritic cells, otherMonocytes, immature DCs, Th1 cellsInnate immunity
GROα/CXCL1CXCR2Many cell typesNeutrophilsInnate immunity
IP10/CXCL10CXCR3Many cell typesNK cells, Th1 cellsInnate immunity
IL6IL6RMany cell typesHepatocytesLymphocyte growth, acute phase response, liver regeneration
CSF3CSF3RMacrophages, otherGranulocyteRecruitment of stem cells in regeneration