Table III PeptideAtlas coverage of published protein lists. Percentages in column B are relative to numbers in column A
Plasma protein identification listTotal proteins(A) In PeptideAtlas combined protein sequence databasea(B) In Human Plasma PeptideAtlas exhaustive set (of those in column A)
Hortin et al. highly abundant plasma proteins (48)150126126100%
Kuzyk et al. moderate/high concentration plasma proteins reproducibly detectable by LC-MRM/MS analysis of whole tryptic digests; nearly all reported as potential disease markers (56)454545100%
Carrascal et al. LC-MS/MS derived plasma phosphoproteins with peptide identified by >1 search engine (55)444443b98%
Schenk, et al. LC-MS/MS derived plasma proteins (non-immunoglobulin) (16)69755450391%
Polanski and Anderson potential cancer biomarkers (57)1261105432631%
  • a Swiss-Prot 2010–04 + IPI v3.71 + Ensembl v54.37.

  • b A single spectrum for the missing phosphoprotein was identified by our computational pipeline, but discarded during our manual validation process.