Table I Target Staphylococcal bacteriophage 53 capsid protein peptide sequences and their corresponding 15N metabolically labeled counterparts. The unique peptide sequences were chosen to identify the 35 kDa (14N) and 35.5 kDa (15N) capsid protein from Staphylococcal bacteriophage 53. MS/MS = mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry
Target peptideActual Mass DaPrecursor Ion m/zFragment Ion (quantitation)Fragment Ion (confirmation)Fragment Ion (confirmation)
SIAQSIEK-14N874.5438.2 (+2)675.4 (y6)476.3 (y4)604.3 (y5)
SIAQSIEK-15N884.5443.2 (+2)683.4 (y6)481.3 (y4)611.3 (y5)
LGVILPVTK-14N938.6470.3 (+2)670.5 (y6)557.4 (y5)444.3 (y4)
LGVILPVTK-15N948.8475.4 (+2)677.4 (y6)563.3 (y5)449.3 (y4)
LIYGIPQLIEYK-14N1448.8725.4 (+2)890.5 (y7)1223.7 (y10)1060.6 (y9)
LIYGIPQLIEYK-15N1462.8732.4 (+2)899.5 (y7)1235.7 (y10)1071.6 (y9)