Table I List of up-regulated proteins in W2mef/NM from iTRAQ

Proteins are arranged according to their function. The proteins in italics are below the cutoff at 2. These proteins are not included in the analysis but are stated here for the sake of completeness of functionally related proteins.

Accession numberNameFold change W2mefNM/W2mef
Proteins associated with invasion
    Surface proteins
        PF13_0197Merozoite surface protein 7 precursor, MSP77.70
        PFI1475wMerozoite surface protein 1, precursor2.57
    Rhoptry bulb proteins
        MAL7P1.208Rhoptry-associated membrane antigen, RAMA2.53
        PF14_0102Rhoptry-associated protein 1, RAP12.35
        PFE0080cRhoptry-associated protein 2, RAP22.41
        PFE0075cRhoptry-associated protein 3, RAP32.10
        PFC0110wRhopH1 (3.1)2.32
        PFC0120wRhopH1 (3.2)2.17
        PFB0935wCytoadherence-linked asexual protein 22.06
        PFI1730wCytoadherence-linked asexual protein 9 (CLAG9)1.67
    Rhoptry neck protein
        PF14_0495Rhoptry neck protein 2 (RON2)1.75
        MAL8P1.73Rhoptry neck protein 5 (RON5)1.92
        PFB0680wRhoptry neck protein 6 (RON6)1.66
        PFD0295cApical sushi protein, ASP2.26
    Inner membrane complex proteins
        PFE1285wMembrane skeletal protein IMC1-related2.77
        PF10_0039Membrane skeletal protein IMC1-related2.49
        PF14_0578Hypothetical protein2.07
    Predicted invasion proteins (25)
        PF08_0119Conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function4.73
        PF10_0119Hypothetical protein (apical location)3.98
        PFD0720wHypothetical protein (apical location)2.10
        PF10_0170Hypothetical protein2.59
        PF10_0166Hypothetical protein, conserved (surface staining)2.76a
        PFB0475cHypothetical protein, conserved (apical location)2.13
        PFC0160wBinding protein, putative2.17
        PFB0194wHypothetical protein, conserved2.86
    Invasion motor associated
        PFL2225wMyosin A tail domain interacting protein MTIP, putative3.90
        PFL1090wGliding-associated protein 45, GAP45 putative1.79
        PF13_0233Myosin A2.59
        PFE0165wActin depolymerizing factor, putative2.12
Proteins associated to expression control
    RNA-binding proteins
        PF11_0280Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein F, putative4.26
        PFI1435wRNA-binding protein, putative2.44
        PF13_0058RNA-binding protein, putative1.97
    Chromatin-associated proteins
        PFF0860cHistone h2a2.44
        PF13_0185Histone h3, putative1.71
        MAL8P1.72High mobility group protein, putative2.13
        PF11_0062Histone H2B1.97
        PFL0145cHigh mobility group protein2.38
        PFI1260cHistone deacetylase2.34
    Protein turnover/proteases
        PFI1545cProteasome precursor, putative3.86
        PF07_0112Proteasome subunit α type 5, putative2.74
        MAL8P1.142Proteasome β-subunit2.30
        PF14_0077Plasmepsin 22.08
        PF14_0075Plasmepsin IV2.76
        PF11_0142Ubiquitin domain-containing protein2.31
        PFE0380cNuclear pore-associated protein (NLP4), putative2.03
        PFC0520w26 S proteasome regulatory subunit S14, putative2.16
        MAL8P1.128Proteasome subunit alpha, putative2.29a
        PFL1245wUbiquitin-activating enzyme e1, putative1.99
        PF14_067620 S proteasome β4 subunit, putative1.89
    Translation initiation
        PFL0210cEukaryotic initiation factor 5a, putative2.05
    Protein modification
        PF14_0660Protein phosphatase, putative/protein modification2.40
        PF14_0036Acid phosphatase, putative2.97
    DNA replication and repair
        PF14_0316DNA topoisomerase II, putative2.05
        PF11_0164Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans-isomerase2.34
Other proteins
    Diverse metabolic functions
        PFE0660cPurine nucleotide phosphorylase, putative2.37
        PFE0625wRab1b, GTPase2.93a
        PFC0190cEH (Eps15 homology) protein (clathrin-mediated transport)2.18a
        PF14_0378Triose-phosphate isomerase2.26
        PFD1110wHypothetical membrane protein2.31
        PF11_0287Hypothetical protein2.07
        PFF0570cConserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function3.63
        PFL1945cEarly transcribed membrane protein 12, ETRAMP122.04
        PF10_0138Hypothetical protein, conserved2.64
        MAL13P1.32MORN repeat protein, putative2.16
        PFD0900wHypothetical protein, conserved2.63
  • a S.D. < 0.5.