Table II List of down-regulated proteins in W2mef/NM from iTRAQ

The proteins are arranged according to their function. These proteins are not included in the analysis but are stated here for the sake of completeness of functionally related proteins.

Accession numberNameFold change W2mef/W2mefNM
Proteins involved in expression control and other proteins
    RNA-binding proteins
        PF10_0063DNA/RNA-binding protein, putative4.14a
        PF14_0364Cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor protein, putative2.01
        PFL1735cRNA-processing protein, putative2.04
    Chromatin-associated proteins
        PF10_0075Transcription factor with AP2 domain(s), putative2.38
        PF13_0095DNA replication licensing factor mcm4-related2.04
        PF14_0350Histone N-acetyltransferase, putative2.16
    Translation regulation/ribosome
        PF13_022460 S ribosomal subunit protein L18, putative1.96
        PF14_0579Ribosomal protein L27, putative2.2
        PFF0700c60 S ribosomal protein L19, putative2.51
        PFF0625wNucleolar GTP-binding protein 1, putative2.61
        PF11_010660 S ribosomal protein L36, putative2.14
        PF11_004360 S acidic ribosomal protein p1, putative3.82
        PFE0185c60 S ribosomal subunit protein L31, putative2.69a
        PFC0290w40 S ribosomal protein S23, putative9.15a
    Translation initiation
        PFL0310cEukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit 8, putative2.21
    Protein turnover/proteases
        PFI0580cFalstatin, putative2.30
        PFD0665c26 S proteasome aaa-ATPase subunit Rpt3, putative2.32a
    Chaperones/protein folding
        PFC0900wT-complex protein 1 epsilon subunit, putative2.22
    Diverse metabolic functions
        PF07_0129Acyl-CoA synthetase, PfACS52.18
        PF11_0301Spermidine synthase2.96
        PF13_0044Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase, putative2.12
        MAL8P1.95Hypothetical protein, conserved3.32
        PFL1815cHypothetical protein, conserved2.28
        MAL8P1.52Hypothetical protein, conserved2.58
Exported proteins
    Modification of erythrocyte
        MAL7P1.171Plasmodium exported protein, unknown function3.50
        PF11_0507Antigen 332, putative2.02
        PFI1735cRing exported protein, REX2.77
        PFE0065wSkeleton-binding protein 1, PfSBP12.28
        MAL13P1.41Membrane-associated histidine-rich protein, MAHRP-12.17
        PFD0090cPlasmodium exported protein (PHISTa)2.26
        PF14_0743Plasmodium exported protein (hyp15), unknown function3.59
  • a S.D. < 0.5.