Table I Theoretical exoproteomes of the different Roseobacter clade isolates
Predicted secreted CDSRatio over total CDSHypothetical proteinsTransportersaAdhesion – MotilityaToxin (RTX-like)a,b
Predicted secreted CDSTotal CDSABCTRAP
O. batsensis HTCC2597111426%43%33%8722138 (7)
P. bermudensis HTCC2601163029%48%35%137363214 (11)
R. denitrificans OCh114126331%42%32%115202116 (13)
O. granulosus HTCC2516105628%42%32%11882913 (10)
O. indolifex HEL45123230%40%31%8324219 (6)
R. lacuscaerulensis ITI1157106229%30%23%4012178 (3)
R. litoralis OCh149136429%43%33%117211812 (10)
Roseobacter MED193128828%42%33%88212016 (10)
R. nubinhibens ISM93826%42%32%6529313 (7)
R. pomeroyi DSS-3110426%35%26%107451619 (14)
D. shibae DFL12131431%41%28%3044208 (3)
S. stellata E-37148029%43%33%124362716 (13)
  • a Proteins among those predicted to be secreted.

  • b In brackets is the number of proteins with RTX-like characteristics.