Table III Statistical comparison of the presence of RTX-like proteins in the different natural conditions tested. Positive folds indicate a higher detection in the first versus second conditions, whereas negative folds indicate a lower detection. In brackets is the statistical p value range obtained with the AC statistical method of the PatternLab algorithm. “≈” indicates folds comprised between −2 and 2 and with low statistical significance (p value > 0.05)
Community influenceSampling area influence
Cape Non vs Com.Marina Non vs Com.No community Cape vs MarinaCommunity Cape vs Marina
YP_16549611× (<0.01)9× (<0.01)
YP_16562513× (<0.01)−3× (<0.01)7× (<0.02)
YP_16792646× (<0.01)−2× (<0.01)27× (<0.01)