Table II Ratios of proteins found in exoproteomes from R. pomeroyi under different culture conditions
Culture conditionsCytosolic proteinsTransportaMotility/AdhesionaToxic-likea,bOthersa
MB exponential phase19%13.6%0.2%82.1% (67.2)4.1%
MB stationary phase36%24.8%4.6%53.3% (45.4)17.3%
MB:LB exponential phase33%13.4%1.1%79.2% (64.9)6.3%
MMM succinate2%8.2%0.5%90.7% (82.6)0.6%
Autoclaved SW succinate2%10.1%0%88.8% (80.7)1.1%
  • a Ratios based on MS/MS spectral counts.

  • b In brackets is the percentage of the RTX-like protein PaxA.