Table I Protein identifications in eleven cell lines. Summary of the number of identified proteins from triplicate analysis of each cell line. Using the “match between runs” option in MaxQuant enabled transfer of identification between LC MS/MS runs based on retention time and accurate mass and therefore increased the number of identifications per cell line
Cell lineOriginIdentified proteins
Triplicate analyses‘Match between runs’
A549Lung carcinoma800810,432
HEK293Embryonic kidney cells854310,504
HelaCervical carcinoma778110,371
JurkatAcute T-Cell Leukemia780410,443
K562Chronic Myeloid Leukemia739510,156
LnCapProstate carcinoma763010,369
MCF7Mammary carcinoma783610,411
RKOColon carcinoma733610,252