Table I Proteins identified in the conditioned media of HepG2-TRα1 were predicted secretory pathways
ExperimentNumber of identified proteinsTotal protein% of potentially secreted proteins
Classicala secretionNonclassicalb secretionMembranec proteinOthersd
  • a Proteins were secreted via the classical secretory pathway using the SignalP software (SignalP probability ≥0.90).

  • b Proteins predicted by the secretomeP program to be secreted via the nonclassical secretory pathway (SignlP probability ≤0.90 and SecretomeP score ≥0.50).

  • c Proteins predicted via the TMHMM to form trans-membrane proteins that were not predicted to be secreted via the classical and nonclassical secretory pathway.

  • d Proteins predicted were not secreted via the classical pathway, nonclassical pathway and trans-membrane proteins.