Table III Biological network of 72 expressed proteins by MetaCore software analysis
GeneGo mapp-ValueFeatures (Proteins)
1. Blood coagulation_Blood coagulation4.434e-13Up: PAI-1, FINC, FIBG, KNG1, ANT3, IPSP5
2. Immune response_Classical complement1.452e-12Up: CO3, C1R, C1S
Down: CLUS
3. Immune response_Lectin induced complement pathway4.727e-11Up: CO3, MASP1
Down: CLUS
4. Cell adhesion_Cadherin-mediated cell adhesion6.024e-6Up: PTPRF, CADH1
5. Development_TGF-beta-dependent induced of EMT via SMADs2.046e-5Up: PAI-1, CADH1, FINC
Down: CADH2