Table III Ingenuity Pathway Analysis of the differentially expressed membrane proteins associated with canonical pathways

Differentially expressed proteins from supplemental Table IA were used for the analysis and are shown in bold type. Only the top three pathways are shown.

Canonical pathwaysAssociated moleculesp valueRatio
Acute phase response signalingHPX, FTL, ORM1/ORM2, C3, APOH, APOA1, APOA2, C9, CP, F2, FGG, PLG, ALB, HP, ITIH2, TF, C4B (includes others), FGB, A2M4.27 E-0919/172
Caveolar-mediated endocytosis signalingITGB1, B2M, ITGB2, ALB, ITGAM, HLA-A, ITSN1, FLNA, FLNC, ITGA5, EGFR, HLA-C4.57 E-0812/81
Calcium signalingRAP2A, CALR, MYL6, ITPR2, TPM2, SLC8A2, ATP2B2, CAMK2A, CAMK2D, PRKAR2B, PPP3R1, MYH9, ASPH, TPM4, PPP3CA, CAMK2G, CAMK2B1.47 E-0717/185