Table V Differentially expressed calcium-binding proteins identified in the study

The list was extracted from supplemental Table IA and assignment of calcium binding property was made with reference to Human Protein Reference Database (

SymbolProtein namePeptidesFold change
MRC2Mannose receptor, C type 227.6
S100A9S100 calcium-binding protein A976.2
S100A10S100 calcium binding protein A1026.0
S100A8S100 calcium-binding protein A855.6
ANXA5Annexin 5145.3
ANXA1Annexin I134.8
ANXA2Annexin A2 isoform 2173.8
ITGAMIntegrin α M isoform 2 precursor73.5
SPARCSecreted protein, acidic, cysteine-rich precursor23.5
CANXCalnexin precursor163.2
ITGB2Integrin, β2 precursor93.1
PON2Paraoxonase 2 isoform 263.0
CALUCalumenin isoform a precursor92.8
FGGFibrinogen, γ chain isoform γ-A precursor32.8
ANXA4Annexin IV52.7
ITGB1Integrin β1 isoform 1A precursor92.6
TPM4Tropomyosin 4 isoform 292.5
ITPR2Inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptor, type 242.4
SSR1Signal sequence receptor, α precursor22.4
RCN1Reticulocalbin 1 precursor62.4
HSP90B1Heat shock protein 90-kDa β, member 1 precursor292.4
F2Coagulation factor II preproprotein52.3
ITGA5Integrin α5 precursor22.2
LPCAT1Lysophosphatidylcholineacyltransferase 132.2
ASPHAspartate β-hydroxylase isoform f42.2
S100A4S100 calcium-binding protein A422.2
CCDC47Coiled-coil domain containing 47 precursor52.2
MYL6Myosin, light chain 6, alkali, smooth muscle and nonmuscle isoform 282.2
LMAN2Lectin, mannose-binding 2 precursor62.1
SRISorcin isoform b42.1
CAPN5Calpain 532.1
CALRCalreticulin precursor132.0
ATP2B2Plasma membrane calcium ATPase 2 isoform 2200.5
SYT5Synaptotagmin V40.4
CAMK2GCalcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II γ isoform 460.4
ITSN1Intersectin 1 isoform ITSN-s20.4
PPP3CAProtein phosphatase 3, catalytic subunit, α isoform isoform 340.4
SCG2Secretogranin II precursor40.4
CADM3Cell adhesion molecule 3 isoform 250.4
SLC8A2Solute carrier family 8 member 2 precursor120.4
VSNL1Visinin-like 1100.4
PPP3R1Protein phosphatase 3, regulatory subunit B, α isoform 120.3
SYT1Synaptotagmin I170.3