Table I O-glycosylation sites identified in the present study (See supplemental Figs.). Site assignments are given for the Uniprot entry corresponding to the best characterized bovine sequence. Uniprot IDs in parantheses refer to the protein identified by database search. Names with asterisk refer to proteins described as “uncharacterized protein”, the name of the closest well characterized (human) homolog is given. Legend for modification sites: new; discovered by us earlier (14, 30); known confirmed now; known found earlier; known in human found now, known in human found earlier. Reference data for known sites is given in supplemental File S2
Uniprot IDProtein nameModification siteEnrichment protocol
A4IFA5VASN protein455-gS, 460-gTBoth
A5D7R6ITIH2 protein673-gS, 691-gTBoth
A5PK77SERPINA11 protein387-gTmIEX
A5PKA3CCDC80 protein89-gTERLIC
A6QLD8ADAMTSL4 protein605-gTBoth
E1BB91Collagen alpha-3(VI) chain*2929-gTERLIC
E1BCW0Hepatocyte growth factor activator*355-gT, 360-gT, 365-gTBoth
E1BI67Interleukin-18-binding protein*50-gSERLIC
E1BKQ9Polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 5*429-gTBoth
F1MER7Basement membrane-specific heparan sulfate proteoglycan core protein*3374-gTERLIC
F1MMK9Protein AMBP*198-gTBoth
F1N1I6Gelsolin*27-gT, 34-gT, 44-gTBoth
O18977 (F1MPK6)Tenascin-X3146-gT or 3147-gT (682-gT or 683-gT)ERLIC
P00735Prothrombin193-gT, 205-gT, 206-gSERLIC
P00743Coagulation factor X485-gTERLIC
P00744Vitamin K-dependent protein Z388-gTBoth
P01030Complement C4 (fragments)420-gTBoth
P01044 (F1MNV4)Kininogen-1136-gT, 149-gS or 150-gT, 399-gT, 400-gT, 406-gS, 581-gS, 586-gT, 605-gTBoth
P02672Fibrinogen alpha chain464-gT, 525-gTERLIC
P02676Fibrinogen beta chain4-gTBoth
P06868Plasminogen366-gT, 378-gTBoth
P07224Vitamin K-dependent protein S104-gTERLIC
P07456 (B8QGI3)Insulin-like growth factor 299-gT, 106-gT, 154-gS, 163-gT, 168-gT, 173-gS; 174-gSBoth
P07589Fibronectin280-gT, 2156-gT, (2157-gT)Both
P12763Alpha-2-HS-glycoprotein217-gT, 271-gS, 280-gT, 282-gS, 296-gS, 314-gT, 320-gS, 324-gS, 325-gS, 334-gT, 341-gSBoth
P17690Beta-2-glycoprotein 132-gS, 33-gTmIEX
P19035Apolipoprotein C-III90-gS or 92-gTERLIC
P28800Alpha-2-antiplasmin24-gS/27-gS/28-gT, 398-gT, 400-gT, 489-gS24/27/28 mIEX; 398&400 ERLIC 489 both
P50448Factor XIIa inhibitor74-gTmIEX
P81187Complement factor B26-gTERLIC
P81644Apolipoprotein A-II40-gTBoth
Q03247Apolipoprotein E31-gT, 32-gT, 211-gT, 307-gS, 309-gT, 310-gSBoth
Q05717Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 5171-gTERLIC
Q0VCM5Inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H1643-gS, 648-gTBoth
Q28083Collagen alpha-1(XI) chain (Fragment)86-gTERLIC
Q28107Coagulation factor V1151-gS, 1154-gT, 1171-gTBoth
Q29RQ1Complement component C7696-gTmIEX
Q2KIU3Protein HP-25 homolog 272-gTBoth
Q32PI4 (F1N4M7)Complement factor I57-gTmIEX
Q3MHN2Complement component C924-gT, 26-gSERLIC(mIEX)
Q3SWW8Thrombospondin-4270-gT, 282-gS, 284-gTERLIC
Q3SYR5Apolipoprotein C-IV35-gTERLIC
Q3T052 Q5EA67Inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H4629-gS, 635-gS, 677-gS, 683-gS, 686-gS, 688-gT, 689-gS, 695-gS, 698-gT, 705-gT, 706-gT, 708-gT, (719-gS)Both
Q3ZBS7Vitronectin63-gT, 97-gT, 98-gT, 107-gT, 142-gT or 143-gSBoth
Q58D34Peptidase inhibitor 16408-gTERLIC
Q58D62Fetuin-B19-gT, 20-gS, 157-gS, 173-gT, 262-gS, 273-gT, 292-gT, 295-gT, 299-gTBoth
Q95121Pigment epithelium-derived factor34-gTBoth
Q9N2I2Plasma serine protease inhibitor35-gT, 36-gTBoth