Table II Proteins of FSC200/ΔwbtDEF detected using Pro-Q Emerald stain
SpotGene locusaProtein nameMolecular mass (kDa)bpIbPSORTbcLipoPdProtein scoreeProtein score CI (%)fPeptide count (all/sequenced)gProtein expected value
1FTH_1071Probable thioredoxin family protein39.694.89?SPII76510013/54.9e−074
2FTH_1293Outer membrane protein FopA41.455.58OMSPI54110013/51.2e−051
3FTH_0384Type IV pili fiber protein13.599.06?SPI1001001/11.6e−007
5FTH_1163Ribosomal protein L1315.9410.03cytcyt29210010/39.8e−027
  • a The accession number in the genome sequence of F. tularensis subsp. holarctica OSU18 (NC_008369.1).

  • b Theoretical pI/molecular mass (average) calculated using the compute pI/molecular mass tool (

  • c Prediction of the protein localization using the PSORTb program ( cyt, cytoplasmic; OM, outer membrane; ?, unknown localization.

  • d Prediction of lipoproteins (SPII cleavage site II) and SPI (cleavage site I) using LipoP algorithm (

  • e The MOWSE score calculated by the Mascot search engine for each protein matched from the MS peak list; this score is based on the probability that peptide mass matches are nonrandom events.

  • f The confidence interval (CI) for the protein score.

  • g The number of peptides with unique sequences matching the selected protein.

  • The proteins with accession numbers written in bold type have previously been identified as carbohydrate-positive in the FSC200 strain (13).