Table I Comparison of Surface Accessibility to Percent Reactivity for wheat eIF4E reacted with NN at a 1:15 protein/NN molar ratio. Surface accessibility was calculated using GetArea. Percent Reactivity was calculated using equation 1. β€œNA” indicates a peptide that was not found in either its modified or unmodified form. Standard deviations ranged from 10–20% for all percent reactivities
ResidueSolvent accessibility %% Reactivity
Ala 146654112115
Lys 1843349619525
Lys 52767450000
Lys 6359200NA0
Lys 65701009432NA11
Lys 691002048000
Lys 802720200NA0
Lys 89778067NANANA
Lys 12240389279570
Lys 131312631000
Lys 144687366120
Lys 147221513000
Lys 153424284000
Lys 165804350000
Lys 16940819160934
Lys 172289472000