Table I LC/MS/MS confirmation of relevant MALDI-MS peaks from M. marinum and P. aeruginosa
NStrainAccession numberNameGene nameNo. of unique peptidesSequence coverage (%)aConfidence of identificationbLocal FDR for protein (%)
M. marinum
    1WTgi 183981941Secreted AlaDHald2964∼>1e-461.5e-128
    2WTgi 183985421ESAT6esxA477∼>1e-81.4e-6
    3WTgi 183985420CFP10esxB10100∼>1e-203.3e-31
    1ΔRD1gi 183981941Secreted AlaDHald3475∼>1e-515e-12
    2ΔRD1gi 183985421ESAT6esxANone observed00NAc
    3ΔRD1gi 183985420CFP10esxBNone observed00NA
    1ΔesxA, ΔesxBgi 183981941Secreted AlaDHald1452∼>5e-250.005
    2ΔesxA, ΔesxBgi 183985421ESAT6esxANone observed00NA
    3ΔesxA, ΔesxBgi 183985420CFP10esxBNone observed00NA
P. aeruginosa (PA01)
    1WT-PA01gi 15596906PopDpopD425∼>1.1e-70.083
    2WT-PA01gi 15596905PopBpopB525∼>4.1e-80.08
    1ΔexsAgi 15596906PopDpopDNone Observed00NA
    2ΔexsAgi 15596905PopBpopBNone Observed00NA
PopD in Pseudomonas cell pellet (cytosol)
    1ΔexsD, pscC::Ωgi 15596906PopDpopD830∼>7.4e-117.4e-09
  • a Assuming initiator Met residue is removed.

  • b This is the confidence of the identification based on the algorithm, which is the log conversion of the ProtScore (39). Metadata for this table can be found in the supplemental materials.

  • c NA, not applicable.